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Welcome To The Knudsen Clinic

Are you suffering from Hair Loss?

We treat all types of hair loss, in men and women.

We hope you find our web site informative. We have comprehensive information about the reasons you could be suffering from hair loss, about hair transplant surgery and also about a variety of hair loss treatments.

Check out our hair transplant surgery before and after galleries to see just how effective hair transplant surgery is.

Hair Loss Treatment Auckland

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hair transplant surgery galleries.

35 years of experience in hair loss treatment

Looking for a medical solution for your hair loss?

The Knudsen Clinic Auckland can help.

Hair Transplant Surgeon Dr Jayaprakash
Dr Vikram Jayaprakash
Hair Transplant Surgeon Dr Knudsen
Dr Russell Knudsen

Hair Loss Diary

This is Rod, a 29 year old patient suffering from hair loss. From the age of 21, Rod's hair started thinning and he became very self-conscious and in turn developed low self-esteem, thanks to his male pattern balding. Rod felt like his balding made him look older and he wore hats to cover his thinning scalp.

gSee Rod's Story

The Knudsen Clinic Auckand offers hair restoration by hair transplant surgery and hair regrowth promotion products and male hair loss treatments for men with thinning hair. We also provide effective female thinning hair treatment. Over the course of 35 years, Dr Knudsen has performed more than 8000 hair transplant procedures and is a physician specialising solely in hair transplantation and hair loss treatments.

Regain natural looking hair with a hair transplant. It is the only proven, permanent, method for hair restoration. Transplanted hair looks completely natural and is yours to enjoy for your lifetime. The Knudsen clinics are World Leaders in Hair Transplantation with clinics in Auckland and all over Australia.

Take action against hair loss and contact us now on 0800 424 728 for a consultation.