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Hair Transplant Video Diary

This is Rod, a 29 year old patient suffering from hair loss. From the age of 21, Rod's hair started thinning and he became very self-conscious and in turn developed low self-esteem, thanks to his male pattern balding. Rod felt like his balding look made him appear older and he always wore hats to cover his thinning scalp. 

In December 2011, Rod decided to take action against his hair loss and visited Dr Knudsen for a consultation. Dr Knudsen recommended a hair transplant and in January 2012 Rod had a 2000 graft hair transplant.

Rod wanted to share his hair loss journey with those also suffering from hair loss and help them understand more about modern hair transplantation.

Here are his Hair Transplant Video Diaries.

Watch Rod's First Video Diary

Meet Rod, two weeks prior to his hair transplant and two weeks after his hair transplant.


Watch Rod's Second Video Diary

We meet Rod again, nine months after his hair transplant and see his incredible results.

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